Mission and Ministries


Mission and Ministries

Welcome to Wheatstone!

One mission, three ministries

Wheatstone serves you in three big ways, for a comprehensive approach to Christian adulthood.

The Academy 

One-week summer conferences for youth and their leaders at partner universities.

Stand Up and See


Retreats, speakers, and training for churches and schools in our Partnership regions.

At Your Service

The Movement 

Blogs, curriculum, and more to advance the cause of Christian adulthood across the nation.

Resources for Renewal


Vision for youth. 
Methods that work.

Christian leaders face big challenges. We struggle to help youth retain faith through their twenties. At Wheatstone, we think the source of those challenges runs deep: youth lack transitions into Christian adulthood. 

We're here to help. Wheatstone offers a hopeful and practical vision for youth ministry. We empower churches and schools. We're a young nonprofit out to spark church-led, youth-focused renewal.

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Come Join In


Come Join In

Come join in! 

We'd make an awesome team.


We seek exceptional Christian scholars, artists, speakers, discussion leaders, and more. Click below to find available positions at events or regional offices. We'd love to extend our invitation with you.


Wheatstone is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit that depends on the generosity of a large donor community. We are committed to financial integrity and strong donor relationships.

Please consider giving a small monthly gift, contributing to our seasonal campaigns, or becoming a major benefactor to fuel our growth. We can't invite youth into Christian adulthood without you!


"Wheatstone was the tool that God used to open my eyes
to the kind of life that he wanted me to live."

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