Seeing Wonders Together

After the conference week culminates on Wednesday, and the students have been raised to a new level of camaraderie with each other and their mentors, we take them to two beautiful places for a good long time. We want to let them practice being free together. 

Cate started the day with a gracious devotional from Philippians about our riches in Christ Jesus, after which the students went to pray. After I led them in a talk on how to see art well, we loaded them into two buses and rolled up Highway 5 to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The small groups are so comfortable together; watching them eat lunch and head off to see beautiful things was a joy. 

Students stood inside James Turrell's Breathing Light. They talked about The Flaggelation of Christ. They stared into a Rothko until they saw it pulse. They ran through Soto's Penetrable. And all the while they talked, asked questions, played. 

We were there for five hours, but it seemed short. Winding through LA traffic to Griffith Park, we talked and napped and teased. John Mark and Hope joined us at the park, where we ate and watched an incredible performance of Romeo and Juliet. The young lovers' commitment to each other, their speed in marrying, the Friar's cowardice, and more make it rich for discussions in line with the conference theme. As we drove back home through the dark, Amanda and I tried to sort out why the stars are referenced so frequently throughout the play, why Juliet is called the sun, and whether anyone ever has the lovers' best interests in mind.

Students and I stayed up until 2am playing games and talking about building communities, about Christian music, and about hope. Now I'm full up and dead tired. I can't wait for tomorrow, when we begin to hear students really reflect on the week, and make plans for the future. Now, though, sleep.

Patiently Yours,


See the Day

Hear the Day

Patient, interweaving voices to connote faithful community.

Urban, watchful stillness for our trip into LA.

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