Laughter and Big Ideas

I don't think I've ever heard a group laughing, cheering, or clapping this much on day one. Mentors keep bouncing up to me to tell me how their groups are coming together! It's a very good beginning. During the talks, I called students to love each other, and to try to find out what courage is. John Mark Reynolds called them to joy and holiness, not utopianism or despair. Stuffed with big ideas, we're turning in for the night. 

And I hope the students rest well; Epic Monday will get here more quickly than they think...

Cheerfully yours,


See the Day

Hear the Day

"You cannot love God whom you have not seen if you cannot love the person in your discussion group whom you have seen."

Our theme piece for the week: music for endurance.

A soundscape that evokes faithfulness.