Friday is the last full day of summer camp, so it's focused on sending students home prepared, and having a culminating experience of beauty together.

John Mark's closing thoughts

First, John Mark finished his week-long series on Esther, and took questions from students. Here's a rough recording:

Peter's final commission

Then, I called the students to return home with courage and hope, ready to face their struggles through the companionship of Christ. Then I took questions, too. Here's a rough recording:

Artisan Workshops

Next, students returned to their Artisan Workshops in ukulele, painting, animation, martial arts, and dance, for one more chance to make a lasting reminder of the week, and a few steps further toward mastery of their art.

Discussion and Return Plans

Then, students went to their small groups for one last discussion, and to make a return plan with their mentor that they could actually execute over the next few months. This is always a beautiful time of closure for small groups, and helpful for students as they turn toward home.

Art Show and Opera Concert

Finally, the night closed with incredible, personalized beauty. Artists from Biola and Wheatstone alumni put together an art show in Biola's gallery that was based on our camp theme, complete with a dessert reception. Then, we made our way to the Conservatory of Music for an opera recital designed by alumni parents based on our theme. Students dressed up, we laughed and cried, and we experienced beauty together to close out the week.

Late-night discussion

Even after all this, students wanted to get together for one last discussion, so I found myself, at 10:45pm, surrounded by 60 students trying to answer the question, "What's the difference between a camp mate and a friend?" By 2:00am, I fell asleep, but they were so eager to find good answers, that some staff and students kept it up until 5 in the morning. It was a powerful testimony to our students' desire for truth and their love of the community. A fitting end before parents came to join us on Saturday.