Quick update tonight, after a beautiful day. On Thursday at summer camps, we take students out to explore culture courageously. It helps them have courage that they can maintain the lifestyle we've called them to after they go, and it helps them practice engaging with hard, high-quality things.

Dr. Joshua Smith - Esther Devotional

This morning, Dr. Smith continued his focus on holiness while looking specifically at Esther. Give it a listen below:

Peter David Gross on Encountering Art

Before going to the museum, I spent some time offering students and leaders advice on how to engage art productively, why it matters to learn to do it well, and how it could enrich life. Since it's an image-based talk, it may be a little hard to follow the recording, but I'd love to hear what you think: 


First year students and leaders went to LACMA this year, while alumni visited MOCA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Park, and the Los Angeles Cathedral. We'll upload more photos and video to Facebook later!

The Tempest

We saw a private dress rehearsal of the Independent Shakespeare Company's production of the Tempest, which opens tomorrow. It was a rollicking production, and our students were a great audience.

Now, I'm sitting in a dorm lobby full of students discussing big ideas, playing games, and dancing. They've built such a beautiful community together. Tomorrow, we'll try to help them form a good return plan, and we'll close our week with an experience of beauty: an art show and opera recital, designed just for them. 


The Closing Ceremony is on Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm in Calvary Chapel at Biola University, and you're invited! Come hear summer camp speakers, see what's in store for Wheatstone, and experience our community.

See you then!