Quick update today, after an especially late night. Enjoy!


First, John Mark continued his series on becoming who you're supposed to be in community, focusing on the book of Esther. Here's a rough recording:


Right off the bat after Epic Monday, we introduce our top priority for youth ministry today: prayerfulness. Cate Gilbert gave an introduction to prayer, then helped facilitate a half hour prayer session in silence and solitude. Hear a rough recording of her introduction here:

Discussion and Exploration

I called the students to seek the Lord fearlessly wherever they go, and whatever their questions. They also got advice on why discussion and exploration matter, how to do them well, and what they are.

Small Group Discussions

Groups met with their Mentors to discuss their texts for the first time. It's good, hard work that trains them to think well and helps them take ownership of their ideas. Since Wheatstone's founding in 2000, discussion has been central to what we do.

Beauty in the Mind of God

John Mark called us to reclaim beauty as a central value in our churches and schools, persuaded us to believe that it's objective, and reminded us not to entrust our sense of beauty and worth to mass produced images.

Film Viewing

Groups picked between Interstellar and The Wind Rises and discussed them in large groups. The films were picked to tie in with the themes in Esther, Euthyphro, and Crito.

Dorm Time

Students were so pumped after the day that they stayed up late playing, singing, discussing, and laughing in the lobby. It was a beautiful sight.

Looking ahead to Wednesday

Tomorrow is the center point of the week. In addition to another discussion and Reynolds devotional, we'll hear Dr. Joshua Smith talk about holiness, I'll read the book of Esther out loud. We'll end the day with "Community Night," where students are invited to join staff members in practicing the things we like best, from poetry to volleyball to board games, and with a concert and hymnsing featuring Riverheart and My Double, My Brother. I can't wait!

Now, to sleep.


The Closing Ceremony is on Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm in Calvary Chapel at Biola University, and you're invited! Come hear summer camp speakers, see what's in store for Wheatstone, and experience our community.

See you then!