Group Discount Inquiry

Groups of 1 Leader and 5 Students from a single community are eligible to receive $950 in credits toward The Academy costs. For every additional six people (Leaders or Students), an additional $950 in credits is unlocked! Fill out the Inquiry Form below to begin.

Credits are offered to the adult leader, who is free to distribute them according to her or his best judgment. For example, she or he may divide them equally between group members, give credits to specific students based on their financial need, or apply all credits to her or his own registration costs.


Group discounts may apply retroactively to already-registered students, if necessary. We'll do our best to help your community get the most out of this discount.

Groups must include an adult leader attending the Leaders Track to be considered.




Group Discount Inquiries must be received by May 31, 2017, to be considered.



You will receive confirmation and follow-up questions within two weeks of inquiring. 


Group Discount Inquiry 

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Examples: High School Bible Teacher, Youth Pastor, School Administrator, Foster Mentor
Examples: St. Joseph's Church, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Grace Christian School
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