About Benefactors

Benefactors are visionary donors who give $10,000 or more to the growth of the Christian Adulthood cause

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What do Benefactors do?

Benefactors Initiate Ministry and Instigate Growth

Wheatstone's ministry is designed to be self-sustaining, but new ministry objectives begin with Benefactor investments. When Benefactors give, Wheatstone grows. By keeping projects accountable to our self-sustaining standards, we make sure that Benefactor gifts go to new beginnings, instead of just to patching projects. That means that each Benefactor gift yields hundreds of new youth reached with the message of Christian adulthood. It means dozens of schools and churches that wouldn't have been reached before, transformed through Wheatstone's methods. It means families given Christian hope as they move through their youths' transitions into adulthood. Benefactors initiate new ministry.

Benefactors Include

Chamberlain Group, LLC
God's Gift Charitable Foundation



Advance Christian Adulthood!

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