Mere Christian Convictions

Wheatstone isn't a church and isn't out to replace them.
Instead, we work in unity with the churches that our students and staff attend.
We work together to invite youth into Christian adulthood. 

Christian Doctrine 

The Nicene Creed 

We affirm the Nicene Creed in its Eastern or Western form. We affirm it as both true and factual in every point.

Why the creed?

The Nicene Creed allows Christians from many denominational backgrounds to gather together in their affirmation of the Trinity and God's work in the world. 

In essentials, unity

Wheatstone does not take further public stances on doctrine. Instead, we encourage our staff and students to faithfully follow their creedal Christian traditions. We never proselytize fellow Christians. 



Submission to Scripture 

Scripture and Christ

Since the whole Bible comes from God, it is properly known as the Word of God and has a special relationship to Jesus Christ, the Word by whom all things were made. The Bible, the Word of God, always reveals Jesus, the Word, and represents him. Jesus has the words of life, and the Spirit who reveals and glorifies him lives in the Bible, as in believers.


Scripture and the Spirit

We believe that the whole Bible is inspired for us by the Holy Spirit, who also continuously lives and acts in it. The Spirit does not err. His gifts to us are perfect for us, so Scripture is perfect for us. We believe all Scripture was inspired and written for the revelation and glory of God, and for the edification of his people throughout time. 

Scripture and us

We affirm the Bible entirely and submit ourselves to it. We affirm that the lives of Christians must be characterized by a devotion to exploring and discussing Scripture, with an active submission to its injunctions for life.  


The Christian Life

God's leadership

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify Christians in the image of Christ. All discussion of Christian behavior, therefore, begins with a recognition that it is the Spirit who works in Christians to apply the Word of God to their lives. The Spirit convicts and guides in the Word and community of faith.

We believe that the Spirit’s work of sanctification is sure for every Christian. No matter how sinful or mistaken a Christian is at any given moment, the Spirit will, in the end, complete every Christian’s sanctification.

Prayer and holiness

We believe Christians are called to cooperate as the Spirit applies the Word of God to their lives, making them holy as Christ is holy. We must fervently seek that Christlikeness.

We further believe that we cannot separate Christian behavior—the pursuit of Spirit-led, Christlike holiness—from prayer, because prayer is the practice of our relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our living must find its source in that relationship.


Christian fellowship

Likewise, we believe that we cannot separate Christian behavior from Christian community, that is, from the practice of our relationship with Christ’s body, the church.

We believe that the practical foundation for Christian holiness is reading Scripture and praying individually, but also, essentially, in community as members of one body.



Above Reproach: A Christian Staff 

Who we hire

The three above–right doctrine, the authority of Scripture, and a Spirit-guided, Christ-centered, Church-grounded Christian life—are the essential indicators by which Wheatstone Ministries identifies Christians and Christian churches. Everyone we hire must affirm and demonstrate them.

Behavioral standards

Additionally, we have a number of applications and interpretations of Christian life & doctrine that inform our hiring practices. These ensure a pure, safe, and rich environment in which our students—many of whom are legal minors—may pursue Christian adulthood.

We hold our staff to high behavioral standards, calling them to live clear Christian lives as it relates to their souls, to their bodies, to their families, to their churches, and to their societies.



So that you may understand the Christian commitment of Wheatstone staff, our employment behavioral guidelines are available for your view. For more information, please write to


An Ecumenical Organization

We're faithfully serving local churches, schools, and families.
It's a mere Christian gathering around one big social topic.