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The Academy 2017

The Academy 2017
Summer Camp


The Academy 2017

The Academy 2017
Summer Camp

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Financial Need

We've never turned a student away because of financial need

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Quick Facts


A fun, powerful one-week summer camp for Christians ages 15-20. It invites them into the depth and beauty of Christian adulthood.

There's also a track for their teachers, pastors, and leaders!  Learn More


Biola University, La Mirada, California, and awesome cultural centers around Los Angeles.


Sunday, July 16 to Saturday, July 22.


$950, all-inclusive.

Cost includes all room, board, events, mentoring, and materials.
Sign up by March 31, 2017 to get a $100 Early Bird discount!

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Incredible Value

A Christian
Rite of Passage

Incredible Value

A Christian
Rite of Passage

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2017 Theme

Spirit & Dust

A summer camp on living meaningfully and dying well, based on Ecclesiastes

Each summer, Wheatstone tackles a different book of the Bible and its important themes for the transition to adulthood. This year, we'll focus on Ecclesiastes, asking our students to lay aside vanity and focus on living in the fear of the Lord their whole life long.



John Mark Reynolds

Keynote Speaker

Founder, Wheatstone Ministries
President, The Saint Constantine School

Peter David Gross

Keynote Speaker

Executive Director, Wheatstone Ministries 


Joshua Damu Smith


Assistant Professor, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University



Check back soon for new speakers and performers!


Blow Your Mind

At The Academy, we aren't scared of your questions. We aren't scared of the secular world. We won't treat you like a kid. We'll explore the big ideas fearlessly, and empower you to think more like Jesus.

- Honest Questions
- Interactive Lectures

- Deep Discussions
- Life-changing Ideas

"I have learned and grown more in this week than in the past year or more."

Xander, 2016 Alum


Grow Your Faith

No matter what pain, doubts, confusion, fears, or trouble you're experiencing, Christianity is big enough to handle it. We'll help you put aside a childish faith and grow up toward maturity.

- Prayer & Bible Study
- Deep Community

- Faith Integration
- Hope and Joy

"My heart, mind, and soul have been renewed. Now I'm strong to endure."

Michael, 2016 Alum


Rediscover Your World

The Academy is a rush of music, community, art, games, theater, film, passion, thought, and beauty, from early each morning to late in the night. It'll change the way you experience reality forever.

- Art & Film
- Live Music & Drama

- Games & Activities
- Soul-lifting Beauty

"At The Academy, God reminded me how beautiful life is."

Caleb, 2016 Alum



Experts say


"I've never seen anything like it. The Academy is unique, stimulating, transformative, and has a lasting impact on the minds and character of those who take the plunge."

Dr. Craig Hazen
Director, Masters in Christian Apologetics, Biola University

More Expert Endorsements



Incredible Value

The Academy gives students world-class activities and discussions, as well as intelligent, personalized mentoring relationships that you won’t find at any other summer camp. 

- 5-to-1 student to staff ratio.
- Innovative rite of passage camp model.
- High-quality Mentors, leading just 8 students each.
- World-class art and performances around Los Angeles.
- Interactive sessions with top-notch speakers.
- Facilities and services at a top-tier Christian university.

We work hard to provide the best we can to our students, and to make The Academy affordable for everyone. We keep costs to a minimum, and charge only enough to break even. Then, every year, we raise thousands of dollars in Sponsorships for students with financial need. Our goal is to never turn away a student due to financial difficulty, and so far we've had 100% success. The Academy is for you. 




We've never turned a student away because of financial need

Apply for a Sponsorship
Give to the Sponsorship Fund
Group Discounts

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FAQs and Testimonials

FAQs and Testimonials


2016 Testimonials

Unscripted interviews with students about their experience at Wheatstone Ministries' 2016 Summer Camp. 

Older Testimonials

"The Academy helped me realize how robust the gospel of Jesus is, and that the cost of discipleship included my mind. I would not be the person I am today without it."

Lauren, 2000 Alum

"This camp empowered me to overcome my fears by showing me the Love that transforms and redeems all things. A decade later, the things I learned at Wheatstone still help me follow Jesus."

Gabriel, 2006 Alum



What makes The Academy unique?

No other camp is designed according to the pattern of a rite of passage. No other camp focuses to such a strong degree on teaching not what to think or feel, but how to think, feel, and act like Jesus...

Read More

What role does the Bible have at The Academy?

Each year's camps are based on different a book of the Bible. This year's theme text is Ecclesiastes. Each morning starts with a devotional from the theme text...  

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Is financial aid available?

Yes. Wheatstone's donors offer limited sponsorships to families with financial need. Additionally, you can get $100 off the conferences just by registering by March 31, 2016. Groups may also be eligible for discounts...  

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