Invite friends to come join in.


Three ways to spread the news:


Might we suggest...


a new cover for your profile:

Formatted for both Facebook and Twitter. Click to download.

A customized profile picture:

Add a heart badge to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture by using Twibbon (third-party app).

Some shareable posts:

When we see friends doing something - reading an essay, watching a movie, giving a gift - we're inclined to join in too! That's why image posts are a great way to spread the news.



Download one of these images and post it on Facebook as a photo. Include a caption that says why you joined in, and that links to www.wheatstoneministries.com/december



Download one of these images and post it on Twitter. You'll need to keep it shorter than usual!

Here are a few ideas:

  • A ministry worth supporting this December: @Wheatstonetweet http://bit.ly/wsdt14 #DecemberTogether
  • I gave to @Wheatstonetweet. Come join in! http://bit.ly/wsdt14 #DecemberTogether
  • Big plans for @Wheatstonetweet in 2015! @PeterDGross: http://vimeo.com/113454083 #DecemberTogether

Or, spread the news with a personal email.


Nothing beats a personal note. Which five friends could come join in too? Forward our email to them, or (better yet) write an invitation yourself!


View and Forward the Announcement Email


Use this Sample Email Text

Hi [friend],

I want to invite you to give to Wheatstone Ministries' December Together campaign. I gave a gift because ...[include why you're supporting Wheatstone. Here are a few examples:]

  • I believe in Wheatstone's mission, Inviting youth into Christian adulthood.
  • Wheatstone changed my life by inviting me into Christian adulthood.
  • I've seen how Wheatstone changes students' lives.
  • Wheatstone made a big difference in my classroom/youth group.

I thought you might like to join in too because [reason].

It's easy to give, and all gifts are tax-deductible. You can check it out at www.wheatstoneministries.com/december.

Happy Advent!


Thanks for sharing! Your help means a whole lot.