You're Really Important.

monthly givers help
us grow responsibly

Monthly Givers Make Wheatstone...

Lots of little givers working together are stronger than one or two big ones.

It's like a roof held up with lots of columns. If one column gets crumbly, there are plenty more to hold Wheatstone up! Or it's like having lots of thin wires woven together; they're stronger than a single fat one.

You get the picture. When the going gets rough, Monthly Givers will keep Wheatstone secure.

We value and solicit Monthly Givers' great advice. It keeps us sensible.

Monthly Givers get a good view of what's happening at Wheatstone through regular donor emails. When they follow up on the latest news to email their ideas, everything at Wheatstone gets better.

They say that two heads are better than one. We figure that a whole cluster of thinkers is better still.

Monthly Givers make a beautiful and growing ministry community.

Wheatstone runs out of small offices with a few hard workers. Whenever we're inclined to feel lonely in our work, Monthly Givers' faithfulness perks us up. And the conversations generated by our donor emails always make us smile.

As the giver community grows, we'll offer lots more too: events and treats and awesome things. So come join in!

A big community of little givers is a testimony to effective ministry.

When people see alumni pitching in ten bucks a month, parents giving well after their children have outgrown Wheatstone, and new givers joining in, they know that our work really matters.

Even if you can't give much, your little gift helps show big givers or new partners that our community's excited and grateful: ready to rally round.

Won't you rally round Wheatstone too?