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From Duty to Discipleship

From Duty to
Book for your church or school


From Duty to Discipleship

From Duty to
Book for your church or school

Lead your youth out of behavioral Christianity, into Jesus' holiness

It's an easy mistake: replacing Jesus himself with a lifestyle or a code of conduct. But, as leaders of youth, it's imperative that we get it right. In this training, learn to make disciples.



"Wheatstone calls students to a life of holiness. This is how we will transform our culture."

Holly Ordway, professor and Program Coordinator, Apologetics, HBU



Inspiring Lectures 

- Why Holiness Matters
- Jesus, the Disciple-Maker*
- Making Discipleship-Focused Youth Ministry


Practical Workshops

- Being With God
- Identity-Based Youth Ministry*
- Humanizing Jesus for Youth*
- Starting Virtue Conversations*
- Identifying Behavioral Christianity
- Identifying Models for Youth
- Setting Next Steps for Discipleship-Focused Youth Ministry


Take-Home Resource Books**

- Lecture Notes
- Workshop Worksheets
- Christian Classic Writing on Holiness
- Articles on Prayer by Wheatstone


* Full Training only   ** Full Training and Half-Day Training only

Private Events

Select from Full Training,
Half-Day Training, or Individual Talks

Learn More about Formats and Pricing

We'll bring Teach Them to Pray  to your community in the way that fits your needs best. Pick from the full, eight-hour event, a half-day core training, or from any of the training's incredible talks a la carte.

Public Events

Preview a Half-Day Training
with your core leaders


Send team members to try it out.  Offered in the Fall and Spring, public events give you a chance to see the training in action before bringing it to your community.