On April 1st, Wheatstone moved to a new home where we can grow and host events! Will you give generously to help make it even more beautiful and useful?



It's already a great location...

  • Adjacent to the Fullerton train station for easy alumni travel
  • Gated courtyard for events
  • One welcome room, two working rooms, and one larger events room
  • Ground floor with a private entrance
  • Ample parking

But if you help fund a few improvements...

  • Events Room - gallery lighting, stage lights, and movable furniture
  • Prayer/Welcome Room - comfortable furniture and decor
  • Flexible Working Room - creative, useful furniture and decor 
  • Storage/Working Room - traditional office furniture and decor 

Total Goal: $25,000

You'll enable life-changing events.

  • Art shows and Concerts
  • Talks on Christian adulthood
  • Donor events
  • Training events for staff and partners
  • Alumni and Parent discussions
  • Prayer meetings


We'll be at 140 E Commonwealth Ave, Suite 120, Fullerton, CA 92832
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