What is creativity?

The exercise of human freedom, power, and glory.

God didn't need to create you or me or anything. Perfectly satisfied in himself, he wasn't filling any lack. This whole world and everything in it is magnificently superfluous. We were created out of God's abundant freedom.

This is a key way in which God has made us like himself. Like God, when humans are free, we have drive and power to make new things. Place a human whose needs are taken care of somewhere, and soon the place will be full of things that weren't there before. In freedom we become creators, like God. Creativity is freedom in action.

When Christians live as people who are free, godly music and literature and medicine and government and art and ideas and organizations pour out of us. When we live as trapped and fearful people, on the other hand, they can't. When we content ourselves with only consuming the ideas and artifacts that other people have made, we surrender some freedom to other masters. Fearful Christianity may seem safer, and consumer Christianity may seem easier and more enjoyable, but God made us for freedom. He wants to see what we will make. 

Why does it matter for Christian adulthood?

Consumerism stunts most American youth's maturity, but creativity counters consumerism. 

Perhaps nothing keeps more Americans from Christian maturity than an addiction to consumption. Youth in particular are more marketed at, more empowered to consume, and more constantly capable of consumption than any previous generation. From every direction, they receive appeal after appeal. In every corner (and pocket), pleasures and distractions offer themselves.

With all the easy stimulation, it's easy to believe that we could give up on difficult things—romance and grief and productivity— and never be bothered by the loss. Those things take work, but rewards are at hand. Why take the risk? Why exert the effort? Why create?

But God made us for romance and creativity, for meaning and life and work and rest, not only for passivity and consumption. And what he made us for is better, more beautiful, truer, and more desirable, if only we could see it. As leaders of youth, it's our pressing and timely responsibility to point them to that life, and to break them of consumer addictions. And we can do it with joy. After all, what we offer is the exercise of freedom itself.


Creativity and Wheatstone Ministries

"Wheatstone helped awaken the artist in me"

Now, when I speak or present to new people, I speak with my own thoughts and beliefs. Wheatstone helped me connect to the world around me in a new way, and gave me the courage to speak my soul through what I see. It helped awaken the artist within me.

Jason, 2007 ALUMNUS

Freedom in Action

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