The Academy is Better Together

When you attend The Academy with a group of your students, you can help each other keep growing when you get back home, and you share beautiful memories. That's why we offer Group Discounts.

Groups of 1 Leader and 5 Students from a single community are eligible to receive $950 in credits toward The Academy costs. For every additional six people (Leaders or Students), an additional $950 in credits is unlocked!

Credits are offered to the adult leader, who is free to distribute them according to her or his best judgment. For example, she or he may divide credits equally between group members, give credits to specific students based on their financial need, or apply all credits to her or his own registration costs. 

Group discounts may apply retroactively to already-registered students, if necessary. We'll do our best to help your community get the most out of this discount.

Group Discount Inquiries must be received by May 31, 2017 to be considered.
Just fill out an inquiry form to begin!


When 1 Leader and 5 Students attend together, they get $950 in Academy credits to share.