Wheatstone is at a turning point. Either we keep growing toward our biggest hopes, or return to a smaller scope. The direction depends on your prayers, advocacy, and gifts. Will you catch hold of our big vision too?


2016: Audacious Growth

✔    Doubled our Partnerships events (Talks, Trainings, Retreats, Gatherings) year-over-year.

✔    Moved into a new office and event venue.

✔    Launched The Academy Alumni Community and The Academy Families Community.

✔    Launched our holiness training, From Duty to Discipleship.

✔    Ran Here, in the City of Man: our best summer camp yet.

✔    Doubled our year-round Partner schools and churches.


2017: Focused Ministry

✔    Simplify our Partnerships offerings for partner clarity, higher quality, and more effective promotion.

✔    Run our 2017 summer camp, Spirit & Dust, in a more fiscally sound manner than ever before.

✔    Increase Alumni and Family Community involvement.

✔    Launch Christian Adulthood 101 training events.

✔    Increase youth ministry visibility.

✔    Raise Monthly Giving to cover all fixed costs.




Right now, the American church doesn't help youth become adults. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We see a future where every family, church, and Christian school in America is inspired and equipped to offer their youth a compelling invitation into Christian adulthood. A future where the church is no longer afraid of the adulthood transition, but full of hope. A future of new generations of mature, winsome Christians.


✔    Regional, in-person, Christian adulthood support and training for every church and Christian school in America.

✔    Six regional rite of passage summer camps each year.

✔    Vibrant national support communities for alumni, leaders, and parents of new adults.

✔    Resources to advance the Christian adulthood cause.