Summer Camps

Innovative rites of passage for Christians ages 15-20 and immersive training for their leaders in one shining week on-campus at a Christian university.

Staff Training

High-quality professional development days for your church or school staff in Wheatstone's proven methods for inviting youth into Christian adulthood.



Wheatstone is a nonprofit that invites youth into Christian adulthood. Through summer camps and staff training for youth leaders, we help families, churches, and schools credibly offer Christian adulthood to youth before they leave home.



"Wheatstone offers a vital message for youth ministry today:

"That it's time to show youth the beauty and power of Christian adulthood. In my experience, their content is deep, their speakers are compelling, their team is supportive, and their methods work. I'm glad to have them as partners in my ministry."

Joshua Griffin

Founder and CEO, Download Youth Ministry
Former Youth Pastor, Saddleback Church