About The Movement


About The Movement

Advancing Christian Adulthood

We're equipping a new movement in youth ministry and Christian education.
We're fueling a focus on maturity for culture-wide renewal.


Our goal is to produce high-quality content that demonstrates, explains, and inspires the pursuit of Christian maturity for entire communities: students, their parents, and their leaders.

And we're just at the beginning, with books, curricula, podcasts, and more on the way. You can help grow The Movement by becoming one of Wheatstone's givers. Meanwhile, enjoy hundreds of articles from our blog and magazine. The Movement has just begun.


Wheatstone Writes

See the latest ideas from Wheatstone's leaders, and get reading recommendations from our Contract Staff. Posts respond to Wheatstone's mission –inviting youth into Christian adulthood– or our methods –discussion, exploration, holiness, community, creativity, and prayer.  See Wheatstone Writes.


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The Examined Life

The Examined Life was a monthly e-magazine featuring one video, three thematic articles, and four cultural reviews in each issue. In that form, it ran for 3 years, offering 36 videos and 252 articles for students, parents, and educators. 

It will relaunch as a quarterly e-magazine winter 2014, offering more original content along with integrated small group resources on enduring Christian adulthood themes.

Screenshot from the May 2011 issue.

Screenshot from the May 2011 issue.