Love That Casts Out Fear - Parents Retreat

Give parents of youth three days of hope and encouragement.
Help them navigate their children's transition to adulthood with courage.

Three days on Colossians, brought right to you


Imagine your Retreat

Sample Schedule and Activities


Three Beautiful Days

Wheatstone Retreats are intentionally structured and packed full. From beginning to end, your community will have beautiful, deep experiences.

See a sample schedule here. It's subject to change, and may be open to select adaptations.


Meaningful Activities

Wheatstone Retreats are for personal formation and growth. They train, encourage, and inspire, instead of just being a vacation. We engage deeply and use activities that yield long-term fruit. Our incredible, highly-skilled staff facilitates every single one.

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Imagine families with courage

What if your families found deeper unity during the transition to adulthood?
What if your parents could fearlessly love their youth?

What if, together, they put their hope in Christ?