All year long, you invite youth into Christian adulthood.
We're here to help.  

Why Partnerships?  

We share a big mission. Inviting youth into Christian adulthood takes time, faithful mentoring, hopeful leadership, and a commitment to pursuing Christian maturity in our own lives.

But what if you didn't have to do it alone? What if you could reach your students or support your team with deep training and hope-filled events? What if you could regularly gather together with other leaders to pursue practices of Christian maturity? 

That's what we're doing with Wheatstone Partnerships. All year long, we head out to local communities to support, train, and encourage leaders like you. We host events to refresh and inspire you. We're at your service.  


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How can we partner?  

Retreats: 3 day events for students, parents, and staff 

Talks: Messages of Christian adulthood for churches and schools

Trainings: Hands-on practice of Wheatstone's six methods

Gatherings: Joining like-minded leaders to pursue Christian maturity 


We're at your service 

What if there was someone always ready to help you plan a retreat or connect with like-minded leaders? There is! Meet Toby and Chad, your partners.

Ready to serve


Chad Glazener

Chad is our Partnerships Director, and your contact in Los Angeles. With both pastoral and teaching experience, he'll be a great friend.

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