A Unique and Powerful Plan

We're working in a way that's audacious, scalable, and comprehensive.
Read three things that Wheatstone offers like no one else can.
Then read how it works.

1. Connecting youth and their leaders to excellence.

The riches of Christian universities, now available.

Wheatstone works with great Christian universities to provide top scholarship and cultural opportunities to youth ministries and Christian high schools in their region.

It's like a bridge –through resources and scholars– from high school or youth group to Christian adulthood. And only Wheatstone is in a place to provide it.

The depths of arts and culture, now made accessible.

Wheatstone helps youth discover the beauties and challenges of arts and culture before they leave the consistency of their home communities.

We make excellent art accessible, we inspire creativity and reflection, and we place it all in the context of Christ's kingdom in a way that no one else can.

The life of mature Christianity, always proclaimed.

For most youth, prayer, morality, and their best thoughts and experiences are all disconnected. When they are clearly connected, however, lives change.

We give youth depth, and we also connect them –through calls to prayer and holy living– to God. Wheatstone joins them together with unique focus.


2. Supporting communities in person.

Training local leaders in our powerful methods.

To become a Church that invites youth into Christian adulthood, we can't just keep the best methods to a team of experts. We need to work together.

Wheatstone is making training events and curricula for all our best methods to enable the transition to Christian adulthood, available privately to churches and schools or publicly through partner universities.

Providing services that communities need.

We saw common ways that churches and schools already gather, then developed Wheatstone-specific versions of each.

Through contracted speakers, three-day Retreats, cultural excursions, and conferences, Wheatstone meets local communities where they are with exactly what they need to become communities that invite youth into Christian adulthood. 

Facilitating networks for likeminded leaders.

Youth pastors, Christian school teachers, and parents of youth needn't feel alone in the effort to invite the youth they love into Christian adulthood.

Through networks managed by Regional Directors, Wheatstone will provide regular opportunities for sharing ideas, praying, and experiencing beauty. Together, we'll fuel new regional youth renewal movements.


3. Showing youth a deep, Christian adulthood.

Innovative conferences.

Many organizations pay attention to the content of their youth event, but few pay as much attention to its form.

Our conferences include incredibly fun and challenging events, yes, but they also do it through a schedule so well-designed that youth experience it like entering a story in which they are primary characters. It's derived from anthropological accounts of rites of passage to help facilitate responsible, lasting life change. There's nothing like it.

Ongoing resources.

Youth aren't alone after they experience our conferences, even if their church or school doesn't take advantage of Wheatstone's speakers, retreats, trips, or training. Wheatstone offers resources, available to anyone, that keep alumni connected to the community in which they grew.

Through a quarterly emagazine, blogs, books and more, Wheatstone sustains our students' drive to bring Christian maturity into every part of their lives.

Alumni networks.

Most youth who experience a Wheatstone conference head off to college within three years. There, they'll find or form new communities, have new experiences, and begin to present themselves to others more independently than ever before.

While they do, Wheatstone connects them with peers across the country and, when possible, at their college. Peers who seek to experience their transition to adulthood in the context of faithful Christian maturity.


How It Works

Region by Region. All Year Long.

Working nationally from major cultural centers.

We find great Christian universities in prominent cultural centers, then plant an office to serve the churches and schools within 500 miles. That gives us access to the best of arts and culture and Christian scholarship, while still enabling us to focus on empowering local churches and schools.

We want to preserve ministry on a local level while making an impact on a national level. Through Partnerships Regions around major cultural centers, we invite youth into Christian adulthood in the most comprehensive way possible.

Offering interconnected ministries locally.

We hold conferences at each of our partner universities every summer on a single, biblical theme. Throughout the following school year, all our Retreats and resources expand on its theme, ensuring a continuous content cycle for Partners.

Imagine: a local church could send its youth to Wheatstone conferences, then have built-in continuous youth group curriculum through our emagazine, then host a re-energizing experience at a private winter Retreat, all around the same deep theme, all with the same high quality.

Growing sustainably with fiscal responsibility.

Our ministry suite balances offerings that make high-quality ministry remarkably affordable with offerings that contribute to organizational overhead. 

Each year, our income goal is 50% donations, 50% programs. Donors can count on their gifts corresponding directly to increased ministry. 

Our donor goal is 33% small recurring gifts, 33% campaign gifts, 33% benefactor gifts. Wheatstone is committed to a funding model that prevents dependence. 


You can help the plan by joining in.

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