Advancement Intern

  • This is an internship position for the fall of 2016
  • Gain professional experience alongside Wheatstone's year-round staff.
  • Meaningfully contribute to a fast-growing Christian non-profit.

Job Description

Wheatstone Ministries’ internship program is designed to give interns hands-on experience and professional development in the context of a growing non-profit ministry. Interns will be supervised by the Executive Staff to complete various projects, listed below. Interns will receive professional mentorship and the experience of working in a collaborative, creative, and innovative environment.

Term of Internship

This is an unpaid part-time internship. This internship begins September 2016 and concludes in December 2016, for a total of 60 in-office hours. Upon successful completion of the program, interns are eligible to receive a professional recommendation from their supervisors.


Interns will be assigned to various projects throughout their internship under the supervision of Wheatstone’s Executive Staff. Project responsibilities may include assisting with:

  • Fundraising
  • Constituent Relations, including: Student Sponsors, Prayer Team Members, Monthly Givers, and Benefactors
  • Research
  • Wheatstone Givers event planning and coordination

Additional responsibilities may be determined in the course of internship.


Wheatstone Ministries seeks internship applicants who are self-motivated, creative, hard-working, and value Wheatstone’s mission to invite youth into Christian adulthood. Additionally, interns should exhibit strong interpersonal, administrative, leadership, and spiritual potentials.

In 2016, Wheatstone faces unprecedented opportunity for growth. We’re looking for interns who are motivated, eager, and willing to work hard to help Wheatstone become stronger than ever. Our interns will play a critical role in new, significant ministry developments.


  • Committed to the Christian faith and regular attendant of a Christian church
  • Desire for personal and professional growth
  • Ability to easily assimilate new information and independently work toward project completion


  • First-hand experience of Wheatstone Ministries’ events
  • Experience in professional or academic event planning or coordination
  • Experience in advancement, fundraising, or development
  • Experience in research, data evaluation, and communication


How to Apply

Submit a general application

This application pertains to all Wheatstone positions. You only need to submit a general application once per year.

(If you've already applied to work at Wheatstone this year, no need to fill out the General Application. Just send us an email with your resume.)