Artisans lead student groups through an introductory workshop on creating and practicing their art.

Don't forget to submit a General Application too! We need both documents to consider you for an interview.

Job Description

Artisans lead conference participants through two, 2.5 hour workshops during which they introduce students to their practiced art and give them an opportunity to attempt it themselves.

These events are expressions of Wheatstone’s ongoing commitment to encouraging creativity, to using body and soul together for God’s work, and to living lives of increasingly broad and discriminating appreciation for God’s world and human culture. 

Artisans are enthusiastic and excellent communicators, specifically to beginner-level high school students who need clear and basic instructions. They can do this while upholding the dignity of their art. Past workshops have included sculpture, modern dance, martial arts, painting, percussion, acting, animation, culinary arts, and more.

Hiring Schedule

April 2 - Hiring begins
April 30 - Application deadline
May 1-20 - Interviews for select applicants
May 31 - Hiring status notifications

Term of Contract

This contract is for employment as a Wheatstone Ministries artisan with the 2017 summer camp at Biola University (July 16-22). Employment begins at hire and ends with the fulfillment of duties at the following events:

  • Summer Camp Week: working responsibilities start at 12:00pm on Wednesday and Friday of conference week, and conclude at 5:00pm on the same days. (Subject to change.)
  • Staff Debrief: participation with the program director in a 1-2 hour reviews conducted either in-person or online within two weeks of the conference


Wheatstone Ministries seeks exemplary artisan applicants.


  • Significant artistic accomplishment
  • Reputation among peers for charity and professionalism
  • Willingness and capacity to work well with groups of up to 25 youth
  • Committed to the Christian faith and regular attendant of a Christian church


  • Bachelor's degree, or an equivalent certificate of merit
  • Exemplary performance in an undergraduate honors program, or other awards and recognitions
  • Professional experience in your art
  • Experience leading, instructing, or working with young adult students
  • Attendance at a previous Wheatstone conference


Artisans will be compensated $200 for their services, as well as limited, mutually agreed-upon transportation and supply reimbursements.