Managers provide staff and administrative guidance for one of three conference tracks. 

Job Description

Managers are the primary executors of the conference schedule for either the Young Adult, Alumni, or Educators track, and the first support, overseer, and point of contact for that Track's staff.

Managing is an on-site residential job that includes room and board. Managers work closely with the Conference Director to plan the conference, to evaluate its success, and to ensure that it runs smoothly. This involves a strong combination of organized yet flexible practicality, and of charitable interpersonal discernment.

Managers are creative problem solvers and gifted communicators, skilled at organizing, and encouraging people to achieve particular goals.


Responsibilities include

  • Overseeing a conference house consisting of between 30-60 students, 4-8 mentor staff, and all other assistants and interns assigned to the manager prior to conference.
  • Facilitating the attendance and participation of students and staff members in their conference track.
  • Coordinating with event, facilities, catering, transportation, speaking, and other contacts to ensure a smooth conference experience for staff and participants.
  • Evaluating the charity and effectiveness of staff members in their conference track, and offering suggestions for improvement.
  • Discerning staff needs and offering them or directing them to satisfying, helpful solutions.
  • Resolving conflicts involving students, mentors, or other staff that are not small group related
  • Dialoguing with staff members to help them discover how to feel, think, or act in unique situations.
  • Working directly with the Conference Director, and communicating the director's vision for each day to their conference track staff while communicating their staff's needs and successes to the director.
  • Managers should expect to spend at least 10-20 hours preparing for the conference (i.e. gaining familiarity with the conference venues, its participants, and resources), and at least 10-20 hours in staff debriefings after the conference.


If you have submitted a General Application for Wheatstone before and do not want to update it, continue to step two.


March 6 - Hiring begins.
March 31 - Application deadline. Applications submitted after March 31st will not be considered.
March 15 - April 18 - Wheatstone conducts interviews for select applicants.
April 21 - All interviewed applicants are notified of their hiring status.

Term of Contract

This contract is for employment as a Wheatstone Ministries manager with the 2015 summer conferences at either Houston Baptist University (July 5-11) or Biola University (July 19-25). Employment begins at hire and ends with the fulfillment of duties at the following events:

  • Staff Training: two, all-day seminars. Date and location TBD.
  • Conference Week: working responsibilities start at 12:00pm on Sunday and conclude at 12:00pm on the Saturday of the conference.
  • Staff Debriefing: participation with the program director in 1-2 hour reviews with each staff member of the manager's house, conducted either in-person or online within two weeks of the conference

Managers are invited to attend the conference staff after-party, though attendance is not required.


Wheatstone Ministries seeks exemplary manager applicants. 


  • Committed to the Christian faith and regular attendant of a Christian church
  • Experienced and confident in leading others in situations of programmatic or relational complexity
  • Reputation among younger students, fellow peers, and faculty members for charity and professionalism
  • Willingness and capacity to endure long working days required by the conference schedule
  • Bachelor's degree, completed by the time of the conference


  • Exemplary performance in an undergraduate honors program, or other awards and recognitions
  • Experience in professional or academic event planning or coordination
  • Managerial Intern experience in a previous Wheatstone conference


Managers receive room and board during The Academy week and are compensated $700 for their services, payable at the conclusion of the conference.