Mentor interns assist the mentor staff at Wheatstone summer camps. 

Don't forget to submit a General Application too! We need both documents to consider you for an interview.

Job Description

Interns are assigned to work with one or several mentors, acting in whatever support capacity is asked of them: as an observer, a participant, a reinforcement, a problem solver, and so forth.

Interns learn how mentors lead young adult students and employ techniques of dialogue in one-on-one and small group settings.

Intern performance is one way Wheatstone Ministries measures an applicant's future readiness and capacity as a mentor. 


Responsibilities may include

  • Serving the mentor staff and helping them achieve their student group goals
  • Assisting 3-hour Socratic-style discussions, for a total of 12 hours over the camp
  • Solving issues of group cohesion and conflict
  • Taking every opportunity to dialogue with students around scheduled programs
  • Chaperoning students to and from scheduled programs and in the dorms when on night duty
  • Exhibiting model maturity, wisdom, and sensitivity with each student
  • Recognizing personal limitations and requesting help when needed
  • Interning mentors are responsible to connect with and involve other students and staff members, especially those within their camp house.
  •  Interns should expect to spend 10-20 hours preparing for the camp (i.e. reading and annotating the discussion text, watching the camp film, praying for students), and at least 2 hours filling out paperwork after the camp

Hiring Schedule

April 2 - Hiring begins
April 30 - Application deadline
May 1-20 - Interviews for select applicants
May 31 - Hiring status notifications

Term of Internship

This is a 120-hour residential internship with Wheatstone Ministries' 2017 summer camp at Biola University (July 16-22). The internship begins at hire and ends with the fulfillment of duties at the following events:

  • Staff Training: two, all-day seminars. Time and location TBD
  • Summer Camp Week: on-site, residential working responsibilities start at 12:00pm, Sunday, and conclude at 12:00pm, Saturday.
  • Staff Debriefing: a 1-2 hour review conducted either in-person or online and scheduled within two weeks of the camp at the earliest convenience of the Wheatstone staff


Mentor interns are invited to attend the camp staff after-party, though attendance is not required.

Mentor interns are also encouraged but not required to continue relationships with students beyond the summer camp. Interns who elect to do so are not serving as agents of Wheatstone Ministries.


Wheatstone Ministries seeks internship applicants who are exemplars of their peer group, exhibiting strong interpersonal and spiritual potentials. 


  • Committed to the Christian faith and regular attendant of a Christian church
  • Familiarity with leading open-ended, idea-driven small group discussions
  • Reputation among fellow peers and faculty members for charity and professionalism
  • Willingness and capacity to endure long working days required by the camp schedule


  • Enrollment in undergraduate studies and involvement in an honors program
  • Experience leading, instructing, or working with young adult students


This is an unpaid residential internship that includes room and board. Wheatstone Ministries covers all camp-related costs on behalf of its interns.