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Prayer and Christian Adulthood

Prayer and
Christian Adulthood


Prayer and Christian Adulthood

Prayer and
Christian Adulthood


What is prayer?

Offering oneself to God and receiving his Word at a particular place and time.

Prayer is heaven now. Jesus prays for us, so when we pray we're joining him, standing right beside him. The Father hears us and loves us, so when we pray, we're in his presence. The Spirit flies between us, revealing the Word of God to us and groaning on our behalf to the Father. When we pray —wherever we are, no matter what— we have entered community with Father, Son, and Spirit.

This is fact, not feeling. Whether or not it feels like it, every prayer is a bit of heaven. We could feel dry as bones and it would still be true. Whether or not it feels like it, our present circumstances and our bodies and souls are brought directly into the healing and loving presence of God whenever we pray. Prayer is an incredible, powerful grace.

Why does it matter for Christian adulthood?

No matter what their circumstances become, youth can always pray, and it will always help. We must prepare them to enter prayer quickly, eagerly, and honestly. 

These days in America, most youth become adults by leaving existing communities, or by having intense experiences outside their communities. You and I cannot be with them as they go, but God can, if they turn to him. Even if, after they go, they enter the worst circumstances we can imagine, when they turn to God, he will meet them there. Prayer is the one always-accessible practice of the Christian life, no matter what, and it is powerful. Yet so many youth leave their communities still praying with elementary language, or afraid of prayer, or bored with prayer, or limited in their understanding of what it could be. The time is short. Now, before they go, we must eagerly teach them to pray.


Prayer and Wheatstone Ministries

"I found peace here"

Before I came to Wheatstone, I had completely given up on God and didn't believe at all. Now I feel like I need God so that I can have peace in everything. I found peace here. I grew the most in prayer this week, because I haven't been praying at all, and then I was told to pray for 30 minutes to an hour. I'm leaving with understanding that I don't have to be totally certain, and I will take that and search for truth in the Bible.

kelly, 2014 ALUMNa

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