The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.

Thanks for praying with us.

For the next few weeks, we'll keep moving through Psalm 119. 

This week, we talked about the way the Psalmist uses the word translated "promise." God's "promise" is something that the writer wants to see with his eyes. It's something that will bring comfort to relieve present discomfort. It's "salvation." Throughout the long Psalm, he appeals to it, he rests in it, he lives according to it, and he longs for it. It is his hope.

We particularly liked how, in verse 122, he asks God to "give [his] servant a pledge of good." He wants a downpayment, a surety. He wants his present experience to become intermingled with the comforting salvation that is coming. That's a beautiful request, and it became our prayer today too.

Here are this week's requests and praises:



Gathering - Last Saturday, we held a "Day of Hope" for youth leaders at T.H.E. Villa. It was a beautiful time of confronting fears, looking to Jesus, and resting in the goodness of God. Thanks to your prayers, God did some amazing things in these leaders lives. One leader just sent an email saying, 

" I was blessed with truth that encouraged me, taught me, and I can imagine changed me in ways that I'm sure I don't know the full measure of. The retreat was personally exactly what I needed for this moment in time. True mana- and I pray that has lasting benefits!" Will you pray with her?

Holiness Training - Pray for Peter and Chad as they develop Wheatstone's next new training event this spring. We've moved to the workshop design phase, which is turning out to be tricky!

New Relationships - We've made a lot of new friends over the past few weeks. Please pray that God would grow many of those relationships into fruitful ministry partnerships.


Academy Alumni Board - The first Board meeting is tonight! Pray for the team as they help Veronica craft the future of alumni ministry at Wheatstone.

Family Ministry - We had a beautiful meeting with Family Ministry advisors last week. Pray that God would continue to guide us as we prepare for a summer launch!

Summer Camp Enrollment - Pray that God would bring the right students and leaders to The Academy 2016. We're particularly praying that God would bring 10 more groups to attend camp together.


New Office - We have a new home! Unfortunately, it's still a construction zone with projects that should have been finished before we moved in, so we haven't been able to make much progress on putting it together as a beautiful space in which to host our community. Praise God for his provision of a location, and pray for his help as we work to make it as awesome as possible. 


Sponsorship Campaign - We currently have more applications for aid than we can help through our current fund. Would you pray for quick new donations? We want to reach more families in lower-income communities than ever before, and that will require a bigger Sponsorship Fund than ever before. Pray that God would move many, many people to help extend the gift of Wheatstone to youth who otherwise couldn't experience it.

Office Improvements Fundraising - We see so much potential for high-quality ministry in our new home, but we won't be able to make the most of it until we raise more support. Please pray that God would move donors to offer the funds we need to install excellent new lighting, buy new furniture, and generally make the space into exactly what our community needs.


Praying Together

Today we studied this Psalm to help us pray:

PSALM 119:121-144

    I have done what is just and right;
        do not leave me to my oppressors.
    Give your servant a pledge of good;
        let not the insolent oppress me.
    My eyes long for your salvation
        and for the fulfillment of your righteous promise.
    Deal with your servant according to your steadfast love,
        and teach me your statutes.
    I am your servant; give me understanding,
        that I may know your testimonies!
    It is time for the LORD to act,
        for your law has been broken.
    Therefore I love your commandments
        above gold, above fine gold.
    Therefore I consider all your precepts to be right;
        I hate every false way.

    Your testimonies are wonderful;
        therefore my soul keeps them.
    The unfolding of your words gives light;
        it imparts understanding to the simple.
    I open my mouth and pant,
        because I long for your commandments.
    Turn to me and be gracious to me,
        as is your way with those who love your name.
    Keep steady my steps according to your promise,
        and let no iniquity get dominion over me.
    Redeem me from man's oppression,
        that I may keep your precepts.
    Make your face shine upon your servant,
        and teach me your statutes.
    My eyes shed streams of tears,
        because people do not keep your law.

    Righteous are you, O LORD,
        and right are your rules.
    You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness
        and in all faithfulness.
    My zeal consumes me,
        because my foes forget your words.
    Your promise is well tried,
        and your servant loves it.
    I am small and despised,
        yet I do not forget your precepts.
    Your righteousness is righteous forever,
        and your law is true.
    Trouble and anguish have found me out,
        but your commandments are my delight.
    Your testimonies are righteous forever;
        give me understanding that I may live.