Fall Preparations - for Peter, Lisa, and Chad as we put the finishing touches on plans and projects for the next few months

The Academy

Alumni - most are starting a new year of high school or college in the next few weeks
Director of The Academy - for godly discernment during the hiring process


Teach Them to Pray - for a good beginning to this important new training ministry
Whittier Christian High School - Chad Glazener is leading discussions throughout the Bible department during this first week of school
Discussion for Transformation - Two training events coming up soon


Monthly Givers Rally -  for a strong start, and good favor in our communities.
The Academy Family Campaign - for a few last gifts to meet our $50,000 goal, allowing us to bring on a new Director of The Academy and start year-round ministry to alumni and their families
Upcoming Private Benefactor Events - for smooth planning, good friendships, and a spirit of collaborative generosity