You have said, “Seek my face.”
My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, do I seek.”


Thank you for praying with us this week.

Today we talked about the two big consequences of believing with David that "The Lord is my light and salvation" and "the stronghold of my life." The first consequence is fearlessness. If we believe these things, then we cannot be afraid of any threats that are weaker than our salvation. And when God is our salvation, everything is weaker than our salvation. The second consequence is a faithful longing to see God's abiding beauty. If he is our salvation and our light, nothing else will satisfy or save us.

The Psalm ends by calling us to "wait" with strength and courage. When nothing else can replace God, our job, in the context of difficulty, is patience. Anything else would either be despair or idolatry. We would have to give up on finding any salvation or find another salvation. Our patient trust in God, even when we don't see him acting, on the other hand, is truly courageous.

Here are our requests and praises for this week:



Public Training Events - Praise God for a great public Discussion for Transformation event this Saturday, and pray for the upcoming Teach Them to Pray events. Pray for our team, as we work to promote the event, and for favor with the attendees. We're seeing God use these trainings in big, beautiful ways. It's such an honor to serve him through them.

Private Events - We're drawing close to the end of one of the fullest event months ever. We're tired and energized by all the events, and gathering sufficient energy for the remaining events. Pray for our continued endurance and God's continued favor!

Holiness Training - Pray for Peter and Chad as they develop Wheatstone's next new training event this spring. Note: We've switched the order of our next two training releases. We were going to release Community Training in the spring and Holiness Training in the fall. Now, they're switched. Holiness Training is called From Duty to Discipleship and it's in writing stage now.


Summer Camp Early Enrollment - This is the most important registration season of our year. Please pray that God would bring 60 people to register by the end of March!

Summer Camp Hiring - We opened hiring for this summer's camp. Pray that God would bring the right applicants, and that we'd have wisdom to discern who they are throughout the hiring process.

Alumni Ministry - Pray for the new Alumni Advisory Board, in the process of being formed. Pray that God would put the right people on the team for this important beginning.

Family Ministry - We had our second big meeting last week, and the direction for ministry to parents and grandparents is forming! Please pray for continued wisdom among the parents and grandparents collaborating with Veronica on this important ministry expansion.


New Office - The search continues for the next home for Wheatstone, starting April. Please pray the Lord open doors to the unique needs and opportunities for greater ministry capacity. Our short search has already provided possibilities. We pray that we enter this transition smoothly and with necessary finances. 

CRM Updates - We need to take another week of work on improving our new databases. This is time-consuming work with a big payoff at the end. Please pray that God would protect the time that we (especially Peter) need to complete this project.


Benefactors and Monthly Givers - Pray for many new committed friends in 2016. We can't grow without an expanded base of benefactor and monthly giver support!

Sponsorship Campaign - We want to reach more families in lower-income communities than ever before, and that will require a bigger Sponsorship Fund than ever before. Pray that God would move many, many people to help extend the gift of Wheatstone to youth who otherwise couldn't experience it.


Praying Together

Today we studied this Psalm to help us pray:


    The LORD is my light and my salvation;
        whom shall I fear?
    The LORD is the stronghold of my life;
        of whom shall I be afraid?

    When evildoers assail me
        to eat up my flesh,
    my adversaries and foes,
        it is they who stumble and fall.

    Though an army encamp against me,
        my heart shall not fear;
    though war arise against me,
        yet I will be confident.

    One thing have I asked of the LORD,
        that will I seek after:
    that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
        all the days of my life,
    to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
        and to inquire in his temple.

    For he will hide me in his shelter
        in the day of trouble;
    he will conceal me under the cover of his tent;
        he will lift me high upon a rock.

    And now my head shall be lifted up
        above my enemies all around me,
    and I will offer in his tent
        sacrifices with shouts of joy;
    I will sing and make melody to the LORD.

    Hear, O LORD, when I cry aloud;
        be gracious to me and answer me!
    You have said, “Seek my face.”
    My heart says to you,
        “Your face, LORD, do I seek.”
        Hide not your face from me.
    Turn not your servant away in anger,
        O you who have been my help.
    Cast me not off; forsake me not,
        O God of my salvation!
    For my father and my mother have forsaken me,
        but the LORD will take me in.

    Teach me your way, O LORD,
        and lead me on a level path
        because of my enemies.
    Give me not up to the will of my adversaries;
        for false witnesses have risen against me,
        and they breathe out violence.

    I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD
        in the land of the living!
    Wait for the LORD;
        be strong, and let your heart take courage;
        wait for the LORD!