Thanks for praying with us

We had a different prayer meeting than usual, because last night Lucy Willodean Glazener was born! Instead of discussing a Psalm and sharing requests, we went to meet her. Rachel and Chad are thrilled, and we're so excited to welcome Lucy to the world. Would you pray for the Glazeners as they get ready to take Lucy home?


Here are Wheatstone's requests and praises for this week:


Financial burdens - Our financial difficulties continue unabated. The longer we wait for God to resolve our financial crunch, the tougher they become to manage. He knows how to provide for our financial needs. Please pray that he acts quickly!


Grant Writing - Pray that God would give us favor with the foundations we approach.

Monthly Givers - Pray that God would increase monthly giving to cover all Wheatstone's recurring expenses by the end of 2016.

Thanksgiving Party - This Saturday is our first-ever Wheatstone Givers Thanksgiving Party. Pray for good attendance and God's blessing on the evening.


Gathering Retreat - This Friday is our bi-annual free retreat for youth leaders. Pray that God would bring the right teachers and pastors and parents, who can use the refreshment of a retreat day focused on gratitude.

Paternity Leave - Chad's away on paternity leave this month. Pray for new baby Lucy, Rachel, big sister Madeleine, and Chad.


Parents Small Group Guide - Pray for Peter as he finishes writing the curriculum that will form the foundation for Academy Families small groups. The curriculum is called "Peace That Passes Understanding."

Prayer Communities - Pray that God would bless both The Academy Alumni and Academy Families Prayer offerings, and give Veronica wisdom as she figures out how to get them functioning in a maximally spiritually helpful way.