The Goal:
A New Foundation, Based on Love

We're out to finish giving Monthly Givers complete oversight of Wheatstone's fixed expenses, making this a ministry founded on its community. With just $25,000 more, that dream could come true.

Can you join in?


Why It Matters


Many cords are stronger than one. Many givers are safer, too! By placing Wheatstone's core needs in the hands of many givers, we can grow the Christian adulthood cause more confidently.



When Wheatstone's needs are covered by Monthly Givers, the organization becomes accountable to them first. We want our alumni, families, staff, and partners to be the first judges of Wheatstone's success. 



We love our Monthly Givers. They're friends: alumni, parents, partners, and staff. When they join, we get reminder after reminder of their companionship, and they get the pride of ownership. It's joy all around!