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Be Changed


Be Changed

We make your retreats easy

Spend three deep days with Wheatstone Staff and Leaders. 
You provide a place, we provide staff and content. It's as simple as that.


Pick your Retreat

Our 2014-2015 Retreat themes come from Colossians. Click a Retreat for more info including price and schedule, and to book it for your group. 

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Stories and Information

Stories and Information

Quality you can expect

After 15 years of events, Wheatstone is ready to serve you. 
Bring the depth of Wheatstone's experience right to your community.


At every Retreat


Great Speaking

Hear straight from Wheatstone's Director and Retreat Designer, Peter David Gross.


Excellent Mentors

Experience small group learning led by our team of world-class Mentors.


Rich Activities

Every single activity has intentionality and depth. The time is packed full.