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Schedule and Events

Q: What will we do on a Wheatstone retreat? 

Wheatstone retreats are packed full. At each retreat, we feature our six methods in a variety of ways: through large group sessions, small group discussions, community formation activities, prayer, singing, practicing creativity, and lots more. To see a sample schedule for each retreat, visit our students retreat, parents retreat, or staff retreat pages. 


Q: When do retreats begin and end? 

Our retreats last three days. Typically, we begin on a Friday and end on a Sunday. However, we are able to run your retreat on any three consecutive days. 


Q: Where do you run retreats? 

Anywhere! We're able to run our three-day retreats in any location of your choosing. Whether we stay on-campus at your church or school, or a facility that you have access to, we adapt our schedule and materials to fit your space. If you don't have access to a retreat facility, our team is available to help you find one that fits within your budget. 


Q: Will there be Bible study and worship times? 

Yes. At each of our retreats we include time for scripture reading and discussion, prayer, silence and solitude, and a time to sing together. If you have specific requests for Bible study, prayer, and worship according to denominational practices, we're happy to include them. 


Q: Why do you use non-Christian media on your retreats? 

One of the main focuses of Wheatstone events is to show that Christ rules over the whole world — that, like Jonah, we can't go anywhere or experience anything that takes us outside his rule. That's why it's important for us to learn how to explore the world faithfully in the context of vibrant Christian community.

For that reason, we often use books, film, music, arts, and other experiences that aren't specifically Christian as supplements to our biblical texts.

Some people wonder why we don't use the Bible for our discussion text in addition to using it as our theme text at our retreats. We don't for three main reasons:

  • To teach participants how to engage with non-Christian books Christianly.
  • To support local denominational preaching and theological training. The local church is important. We want participants to go to their pastors for their theological teaching, not us. That allows us to serve churches rather than replacing them.
  • To enable us to focus on our biblical text in large-group settings without affecting the free inquiry that happens in small-group discussions. 


Q: How do you hire your speakers, mentors, and other staff? 

We hire incredible Christian staff, men and women who are passionate about Christian adulthood. Each of our staff members affirms the Nicene Creed, believes in and submits to the authority of Scripture, and demonstrates a Spirit-guided, Christ-centered, Church-grounded Christian life. To learn more about who we hire, see our beliefs page. 


Q: If I'm running a student retreat, do I need to bring chaperones? 

Our mentoring staff, managing staff, and speaker stay on-site for overnight retreats. Because of this staff presence, chaperones aren't necessary but are welcome. If chaperones do attend your student retreat we'll create an adult small group, led by one of our staff. 

Planning and Preparation

Q: What will my organization be responsible for? 

Organizations are responsible for securing facilities and meals for all retreat participants and staff. Typically, meals include two breakfasts, one lunch, and two dinners. 


Q: What do participants need to bring? 

Wheatstone provides all retreat materials, provided on the first day of the retreat. Participants are encouraged to bring a Bible and site-specific clothing. 


Q: What if we're outside of California? 

For groups who live beyond Orange or Los Angeles counties, Wheatstone may charge a small additional fee for staff travel. We have staff located throughout the United States, so travel fees may be negotiable. 


Q: What forms will we need to submit? 

All participants will need to submit a liability waiver, medical history form, and complete a brief personal survey. All forms may be submitted electronically before the event begins. 


Q: How can I make a payment? 

Retreat payments can be made both by check and online. Checks should be made payable to Wheatstone Ministries and mailed to 140 E Commonwealth Ave, Suite 120, Fullerton, CA 92832. Online payments can be made here.  Please refer to your retreat contract for payment schedule. 


Q: What is Wheatstone's safety policy? 

When staying on-site, the Wheatstone retreat staff is available to participants 24/7 and provides constant supervision during and between scheduled events. During student retreats, students are not permitted to leave the retreat site except for scheduled activities, and they are expected to attend all sessions. 

Wheatstone keeps first aid supplies on hand and maintains all information about the closest medical facilities. In the event of an emergency, the participant's emergency contact will be notified immediately. 


Q: What does the cost include? 

Retreat fees include your retreat speaker; mentoring staff to facilitate small groups and community activities; your retreat manager to oversee facilities, schedule, and event administration; retreat planning and follow-up; and custom materials and venue decor. 

Retreat fees do not include costs associated with facilities or meals. 


Q: Is there a limit to how many people can attend a retreat? 

Typically, we cap retreats at 50 participants. This allows our staff to give each participant the personal attention, mentoring, and prayer that make our retreats so effective. However, we are happy to conduct retreats for larger groups and have done so in the past. 


Q: Are price breaks available for large groups? 

Price breaks may be applicable for groups larger than 50. If you would like a price request for a large group, please email our Partnerships Director:  


Q: Is Wheatstone affiliated with a particular denomination? 

No. Wheatstone is not affiliated with any particular denomination or church. Our staff represents a variety of Christian churches, who submit to Wheatstone's "mere Christian" statement of belief. 


Q: What is Wheatstone's statement of belief? 

Our statement of belief consists of three parts, all of which staff must affirm: 

  • We affirm the Nicene creed as both true and factual on every point
  • We affirm the authority of Scripture and submit to its injunctions for living
  • We affirm the work of the Trinity to sanctify us and the primacy of Christian community 

To read more, visit our beliefs page. Or if you have further questions, feel free to contact our office at (866) 960-1027 or by emailing


Q: Does Wheatstone endorse a particular set of denominational beliefs at your events?  

No more than as described above. Wheatstone does not exist to replace the local church. We always defer to pastors and parents to help form particular theological convictions in our participants. We never proselytize fellow Christians, but point them back to be faithful members of their churches.