2015-2016 Students Retreat

three deep days on courage and christian adulthood

An experience your youth will never forget

About the theme

What is courage? And how does courage relate to becoming mature, fully equipped in Christ? How do we become steadfast like Paul exhorts us in the letter to the Philippians? 

Following the heels of the 2015 Academy conference, we'll explore what it means to be courageous right where we are. 

What makes this retreat unique?

At a Wheatstone student retreat, we focus on formation and growth. In addition to being lots of fun, our retreats offer practical training to help students pursue Christian adulthood. We show students respect, treat them like adults, and equip them for maturity.

Students are often surprised at the difference. They thrive under the direction of our mentoring and speaking staff. They begin to ask deep questions, search the bible whole-heartedly, and devote themselves to prayer and community in new ways. Contact our office to receive a sample schedule. 



"I have never felt so close to God."

I've been trying to find the means to thank everyone who mentored at my Retreat for what you did and how you did it. I have never felt so close to God. I didn't even know what I was craving in my relationship with God, nor how to address it. I now have an entire new understanding of love and an entire new love for God!

Janelle, 2014 students retreat alumna


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