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Helping youth renew their minds by seeking unknown truths together

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Joining youth as they explore the world with courage, faith, and wonder

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Moving youth from behavioral Christianity to the imitation of Jesus

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Guiding youth into lasting, beautiful, and flexible habits of prayer

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When practiced with faithful church teaching and fellowship,
these methods invite youth into Christian adulthood 

Supporting church.
Not replacing it.

Our methods assume the presence of faithful preaching and practice in a church community. They fulfill our mission when used in support of preaching and practice, not instead of it.

We focus on methods that are applicable in any faithful Christian tradition. We call our students and staff to join one tradition and community of faithful Christian thought and practice, but we never tell them which one. Our methods can fit with any. 

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These are the methods we've used for fifteen years, changing thousands of lives and transforming hundreds of communities. They move youth from a childish, received life to a life that is submitted to Christ, motivated by a desire to become like him.

They're methods that require practice, but they don't rely on experts. We're thrilled to train anyone to practice them in their church, school, or home. 

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