King Over All - Students Retreat

Three days to focus on the reach of Jesus' kingship. 
Three days for your students to think, pray, and fellowship. 

Three days on Colossians, brought right to you


Imagine your Retreat

Sample Schedule and Activities


Three Beautiful Days

Wheatstone Retreats are intentionally structured and packed full. From beginning to end, your students will have beautiful, deep experiences.

See a sample schedule here. It's subject to change, and may be open to select adaptations.


Meaningful Activities

Wheatstone Retreats are for student formation and growth. They train and inspire, instead of just being a vacation. We use events that show students respect and equip them for maturity. Our incredible, highly-skilled staff facilitates every single one.


Imagine your students

What if they saw that Jesus reigns over every inch of this world?
What if they saw him reign over every part of their lives?

What if they saw him as King over all?