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Our Themes


Dealing with Uncertainty and Doubt

Discussion and the Bible

Discussion as a Spiritual Discipline


How to See, Think, Feel Art

Christianity Includes Everything

What is Education For?


Have This Mind In You: Christ

Courage and Humility 

Finding Freedom Through Virtue


Building New Communities

Communal Wholeness 

Christ's Kind Absence 


The Christian Imagination

Freedom from Consumerism

Christ Be In My Play 



Praying in Solitude and Silence

Sabbath: Rest and Grace

Why Did Jesus Pray? 

Christian Adulthood

Why Grow Up?

Social Adulthood vs. Christian Adulthood

The Beauty of Maturity


Our Audiences


Making a College Choice

Habits for Christian Adulthood

How Big is Christianity? 


Parents of Youth

Invitational Parenting 

Becoming Parents to Adults

Hope for Hardworking Parents


Invitational Youth Ministry 

Christian Integration 

Making Rites of Passage

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