What is community?

Living together in love, custom, and common purpose.

God saves us as a community for a community. We aren't only in a one-on-one relationship with him. When we offer ourselves to God, we find ourselves accompanied by the whole world, and placed in deep, unbreakable relationship with the whole church. That's a huge change for us. More often, we're stuck in isolation. When we turn in on ourselves, sinning, we become more and more alone. When we turn to God, he brings us into a family. A kingdom. A priesthood. God is forming the greatest community.

These aren't just ideas. They're lived realities. God is uniting all his people with the intimacy and power of friendship and family. With laughter, games, work, and projects. You and me and all of us, connected with cords that are stronger than death. He is building community not just by shoving us together or calling us by one name, but by filling the world with his glory and offering it to us to share. Every delight and revelation he gives is meant to beautify and unify us. He will make us one in the same way that he is one.

In our churches, families, and neighborhoods we can begin to live in light of that reality, committing ourselves to one another, setting our minds on things above together, seeking to imitate the unity of Father, Spirit, and Son. In such a community of love, we can be changed, finding fullness of life.

Why does it matter for Christian adulthood?

Most American youth leave their existing communities as they form adult identities. They must learn how to find or form Christian community wherever they go. 

It isn't enough to provide solid Christian community while youth are with us. We must also train them to find solid community wherever they go.  Too often, youth leave without understanding how to find their own church, how to recognize Christian community, or how to build new communities themselves. They leave as mere consumers of Christian community, not as its makers. By giving them a vision of the unique beauty and power of Christian community, some practical training in building new friendships, and instruction in what to look for in a church, we can help ensure that, wherever they go, our youth will never be alone.


Community and Wheatstone Ministries

"I feel better equipped to love others in my life simply"

This was the unexpected jewel of Wheatstone: That I became part of a community that learned to love and is learning to love as Jesus loves. By experiencing the gentle yet honest love of God through my community, I feel better equipped to love others in my life simply, with less of me and more of Christ.

sandy, 2012 ALUMNa

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