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Teach Them to Pray


Teach Them to Pray

Learn to lead your youth
into a lifetime of prayerfulness

through a Deep one-day training event

What is it? 

An event that empowers leaders to to introduce vibrant prayer to their youth, and help them overcome common impediments to genuine prayer.

Who is it for? 

Pastors, parents of teens, and leaders of youth. The training is also effective for small groups and communities who want to deepen their shared lives of prayer. 

Other Questions? 




Full Training

$85 per person

Your community, fully equipped.

Our most comprehensive, most flexible training. We'll tailor the event specifically to your community's needs and questions. Our event concludes with a time to develop an actionable plan with Wheatstone staff to lead your youth toward prayerfulness. 

five customizable talks

five mentor-led workshops

reflection and prayer time

catered meal and snacks

customizable content

Resource book


Half Day Training

$50 per person 

Just the essentials.

Bring our core talks to your team. With two mentor-led workshops, you'll be introduced to the big ideas to help lead your youth toward prayerfulness. 

Two core talks

two mentor-led workshops

reflection and prayer time

Resource book


Individual Talks

Prices vary

Deep, powerful ideas.

Bring one of our dynamic speakers to introduce one of the principles we cover during our half day or full day training events. Sample talks include:

Prayer and Christian Adulthood

Removing Impediments to Prayer

Life Becoming Prayer

The Many Ways to Pray

Praying With Jesus

what is prayer?



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"My students' prayers were typically short and redundant.
But after this event, one student offered a prayer that was carefully crafted,
from the bottom of his heart..."

John, youth pastor on "teach them to pray"

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Want more information on Teach them to Pray or any of our other Training Events? Email our Partnerships Director, Chad Glazener to learn more. 


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