Wheatstone's Leaders write from California, Texas, and Scotland, but they're all committed to a single mission: inviting youth into Christian adulthood. Their opinions are their own, but their leadership shapes the ministry. You're invited to get to know them, and share their daily ideas.

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Jamie Whitaker Campbell

A Wheatstone Advisor and Distinguished Speaker and an Assistant Professor at Biola University's Torrey Honors Institute.


Rebecca Card-Hyatt

A Wheatstone Advisor and a Secondary English Teacher in Fife, Scotland.


Chad Glazener

Wheatstone's Partnerships Director.


Peter David Gross

Wheatstone's Executive Director.


Gary Hartenburg

A Wheatstone Pedagogy Advisor and the Director of the Honors College at Houston Baptist University.


Cate MacDonald

Wheatstone's Staff and Student Care Director and the Director of the Academy at Houston Baptist University.


lisa 2.png

Lisa Oka

Wheatstone's Design and Communications Manager.


John Mark Reynolds

Wheatstone's Founder and Distinguished Speaker and the Provost of Houston Baptist University.