At the end of this month, Chad will transition to a new job at the Torrey Honors Institute after serving in the Wheatstone office for four and a half incredible years.

Today, I’d like to look back on his Wheatstone legacy, and look forward to what his hard work will make possible for us in the future.

As one of Wheatstone’s longest-running office staff members yet, as a Veteran Mentor who's been working for Wheatstone in various capacities since 2008, and as one of the primary architects of Wheatstone’s biggest organizational pivot, Chad has made a huge difference for this ministry. I could write a book about the ways he’s improved Wheatstone, but, lucky for you, I’ve whittled it down to seven key contributions that really stand out. You can add your gratitude and congratulations in the comments below!



1. Chad helped craft the Christian adulthood strategy.

When Chad first came on to help out, leaving a great graduate program, Wheatstone was in trouble. Our old business plan hadn't worked like we hoped, and we needed a new vision for the future. For his first year, we pored over all the data, weighed Wheatstone's strengths and weaknesses, dreamed big about the future, and set out to rearticulate our mission, methods, and plan. After one year, we set the plan into action, even cancelling our summer camps to make it possible. The decisions we made together back then still guide Wheatstone to this day, four years later, and have led to our most fruitful season of ministry yet.

2. Chad made Discussion for Transformation take off.

When we launched Discussion for Transformation, we knew it was an incredible product. We knew that, when churches or schools started using it, they'd see incredible results. But it's one thing to have a good product, and it's another thing entirely to get it out into the world. From the beginning, Chad oversaw that effort. He made the sales, organized the staff, collected testimonials, and found it platforms. Now it's a lauded, proven training program that's helped schools like Whittier Christian and churches like Saddleback. Chad made it happen.

3. Chad made Partnerships a financial foundation for Wheatstone.

When Chad came on, most of Wheatstone's income was still from major donors. Summer camps couldn't pay for themselves, and Wheatstone had no clear way to grow. But under his leadership of Partnerships, Wheatstone's non-donor income has grown to up to 50% of our income overall, much of it contributing back to organizational overhead and providing a protective buffer for our costly, awesome summer camps. Because of Chad, Wheatstone has a much more diversified, secure financial foundation.

4. Chad started our Intern training and care program.

Chad cares a lot about Wheatstone's staff, and he stood up for principles of staff training and care that have guided us to a higher level of professionalism and a deeper sense of community than ever before. This is particularly true with our interns. Because Chad stood up for the importance of their staff experience, generations of new Wheatstone staff members have graduated ready to provide higher-quality ministry to our students as soon as they're hired.

5. Chad led communications and marketing innovation.

Throughout his time at Wheatstone, Chad has been a voice calling for simplicity and clarity of presentation and processes. In every iteration of his Partnerships services, he made the experience of learning about them and booking them more elegant, and his insights then translated across the organization. The result is a message that gets people excited right away, and processes that help retain them.

6. Chad formed some of Wheatstone’s most important relationships.

Chad set out to introduce Wheatstone to the world of youth ministry, and he made incredible strides. From Saddleback Church to Youth Specialties and more, all of Wheatstone's highest-level youth ministry relationships trace back to Chad's diligent work and winsome interactions. He's opened the door to Wheatstone's national youth ministry influence.

7. Chad guided Wheatstone’s most important ministry.

Chad was Wheatstone's very first Partnerships Director, and Partnerships is the most important part of what we do. Summer camps are beautiful and effective and good, but they can only reach a few youth each year. Partnerships takes the transformative ideas and methods for which Wheatstone is known, and brings them right to the communities in which youth are all year long. Through Partnerships, Wheatstone can reach thousands for decades by investing in the local church. This important work couldn't have had a better first leader than Chad. We're all so grateful for his diligent faithfulness.



Well done, Chad!

Here at the office, we’re sad to see Chad go, because we love working with him. He's made us better people, and Wheatstone a better organization. But because of his good work at Wheatstone and this new, perfect opportunity, we’re confident that this is the right decision at the right time. After four and a half years, we’re excited to commission him with a hearty, “Well done!”

Share your gratitude and congratulations in the comments below!


Here are a few quick answers to your biggest questions about the transition.

Why is Chad going?

Because, through prayer and conversation with his family and co-workers, he’s confident that this is what God has called him to do during a final season of vocational formation. Chad plans to become a pastor soon, and his new job will help him make his theological studies an even higher priority, while also giving him a chance to give back to both of the causes he believes in most, Wheatstone and Torrey, before he moves on to full-time pastoral ministry.

Chad's experience as Partnerships Director makes him the ideal candidate for his new role. As Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator for Torrey, he'll be able to help grow the Institute that means so much to him at a time when they could really use his strengths.

Will Chad still be involved in Wheatstone? 

Absolutely! Chad will still be an event speaker, mentor, manager, consultant, and who knows what else, as a member of our Contract Staff community. Chad loves Wheatstone and its hopeful vision, and he plans to be a lifelong advocate and ministry partner. 

What’s next for Wheatstone? 

We already have a busy 2017 Partnerships year in the works. We’ll continue serving churches and schools, just like we’ve done under his leadership. We’ll continue bringing talks and trainings to local communities, using the talent of our diverse contract staff. In due course, we’ll hire a new Partnerships Director, but we will take our time to make sure we hire exactly the right person. Chad’s job is too important for us to do anything but take replacing him slow and steady. Pray that God brings a new leader for Partnerships who can take Chad’s legacy forward for years to come.


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