God, your work is good.

From the beginning, you've been active. You speak, see, make, appoint, and bless. You lend yourself to your labor, giving spirit and breath to multiply what you make. And as you scatter your work like seeds, you stick by it. You -- by whom, for whom, and through whom all things have been made -- are still working. You're busy, all around. You fill out and fill up the whole world with your work. You don't grow weary, you do not faint.

Teach us to work like you do, sharing our labor with others.

You made us in your image, inviting us to work like you, right by your side. You've shared labor with your creation, giving us the joy of meaningful, productive work.

This week, we tried to work hard like you. We accomplished a lot: building and buying, making and selling, thinking and fashioning. In all of it, we tried our best to work our hardest. We pushed through exhaustion or uncertainty, trying to be faithful for just one more day. We gave ourselves to our work and the good we hoped it would bring.

Even so, Lord, our labor has not been like yours. With our work, we have not loved you with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. We've been suspicious, fighting for our daily bread.

We have not loved our neighbor as ourselves. There were times when we failed to give the best of what we have for the good of others. Instead, we worked to gain an edge, protecting and preserving ourselves. We plundered your kingdom, trying to build our own.

Have mercy, Lord. Forgive us. Teach us to work like you do, sharing our labor with others. Lend us a little more, giving us the love, grace, and patience we need for our work.

Father, Son, and Spirit, as we come to the end of this week's work, receive all we've done. You take all things up and make them new, even the few gifts we have to bring. So receive all we've tried to do, adding them into your ongoing work. Let our little labors help.


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