Veronica Wright starts as Wheatstone's Director of The Academy on December 1st. A prayerful, wise, and competent leader, she will oversee our summer conferences, our alumni network, and our new ministry to parents and grandparents. Here, you can read the story of how she got to Wheatstone.

As long as

I've journeyed along the path that God sets before me, someone has always volunteered to walk alongside me. For however long or brief a time, the influence, wisdom and diversity of these individuals has been invaluable to me. Some have taught me how to care for the needs of others, to remember the hungry, and to be a generous steward with all I've been given. Others taught me how to hunt for beauty in the day-to-day by slowing down and taking notice of each lovely thing, so that the goodness around me won't go unseen. And still others taught me how to pray. In watching them bravely follow God's calling in obedience and love, they have given me the courage to do likewise: to say "yes" to what God wants to do in and through me, and to expect the miraculous when I come to him in prayer.  

Someone has always volunteered to walk alongside me

Although I never actively looked for this, I always seemed to have a mentor close by throughout my adolescence. In addition to my wonderful and supportive parents, there was always another adult who was there to listen to me, and who took my thoughts and ideas seriously. They committed themselves to developing meaningful relationships with me, and challenged me to seek out leadership opportunities within my peer community. The presence of these people throughout my life has been critical, and I'm so deeply grateful for their ministry.  

One of my

favorite aspects of the Christian life is how the good work that God is bringing to completion in the lives of his children is never solely for the benefit of one person. He is constantly pouring out his blessings on us so that we can imitate him and do the same for others.  With that in mind, after years of having my heart, mind, and spirit fed by so many mentors, the Lord began providing opportunities for me to learn how to minister to young people in similar ways. 

Throughout my college career I had a really great time growing as a mentor, worship leader, and friend to an incredible group of high school students at my local church. I loved watching them develop new insights during Bible studies, play games, and connect as a group during week-long retreats, and I loved getting to know their parents and siblings. This season was a wonderful introduction into youth ministry. I came into that position with few expectations, but I found myself surprised by joy, surrounded by high schoolers, and thinking, “These people are hilarious, intelligent, and caring. It’s easy to want to spend time with them because I really, really love them.” 

God is constantly pouring out his blessings on us so that we can imitate him and do the same for others


this specific chapter of my history came to a close as I graduated from college and spent the next few years navigating my way through the professional world, I’m so pleased that it was the prologue to a whole new adventure that I get to embark on with the rest of the Wheatstone team. 

I consider this new opportunity to serve Wheatstone alumni and their families a tremendous privilege. I'm confident in the mission of this organization, and I'm so honored to be a part of its future. Most importantly, I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you; the amazing students, parents, grandparents, and supporters who have made Wheatstone the vibrant community that it is.

Thanks, Veronica! We're thrilled to have you on the team. Wish her well in the comments below!


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