I once attended a conference on Plato's Timaeus called "One Book, the Whole Universe: Plato's Timaeus Today." Those who have read the Timaeus can appreciate how this one book could contain the whole universe. After returning from the conference, I was inspired to write some poems based on sections of the dialogue.

Here is the second poem that my reading inspired. I would be happy to hear what you think of it, and of the first poem. For those who have not read the Timaeus in a while, this poem might make more sense if you read the passage to the Timaeus referenced in the title.

Menu: Timaeus 27a-b

For the first course:

a mix of


on the cosmos,


and everything

else, prepared

by our best


The second course

(eaten first),

is an ideal

blend of justice

and the good

on a Bed of


The third course,

which can't be

finished, makes

men of us all.

Don't forget

to say grace.


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